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Tips and Ideas for Energy Savings

So, last week’s blog topic on transpired solar collectors got me thinking about energy savings and ideas to inspire me to save on my energy use.

But really, let’s be honest…who doesn’t want to save money on that monthly dreaded power bill? I know each month when I get my bill, I look at it and think “…..really? It’s that much!?” I can say, as I research and expand upon this topic, this blog is as much for me, as it is for you guys.

I researched the Natural Resources Defense Council, and found some great energy saving tips. I’ve summarized these ideas below for anyone looking to cut energy costs:

1- Unplug those unused or seldom used appliances. You know…like that stand mixer that sits atop your counter waiting for the next family get together 3 months down the road? It doesn’t need to be plugged up. I read that on average, just unplugging those items can accumulate to a $10 a month savings on the ol’ power bill. 

2- Unplug chargers used for cell phones, tablets, etc. Only plug them up when you need to charge something. I’m case-in-point here. I always leave my cell phone charger plugged into the wall.

3-Employ the sleep mode on your computer so it will use less power when it’s not in use.

4-Set your homes thermostat to 68 degrees or less in the winter, and 78 or more in the summer.

5-Lower the temperature on the water heater.

6-Use your appliances more efficiently. Wash the clothes in cold water always, and clean the dryer vents after each load. I have done this for the past year, and I’ve personally noticed a big difference. So I know this point is valid.

7- Always turn off the lights when you leave a room. During the daytime, work by daylight whenever possible.

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