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10.10.13 Green Building: Geospring Hybrid Electric Water Heaters

For my second “green building” blog of October, I thought about some of the most costly products we use everyday. The first item to come to mind was our hot water heaters. They run constantly…even when not needed, and continually rack up our electric bills. I already knew about instant water heaters that use propane, […]

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10.4.13 – Green Building: Reclaimed Wood

For the month of October, I’d like to focus on some Green Building ideas. As I began to search through my list of topics, I ran across flooring ideas. These flooring ideas enveloped into decor, furniture and so on. Heavy research ensued, and I found this really cool product called “Viridian Reclaimed Wood.”   What […]

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Does the phrase “metal building” make you think…”barn?” Think again…There is WAY more to it!

When I entered the construction industry, my first thought when someone mentioned a “metal building” was “a barn” or “a warehouse.” I mean, it is pretty logical to think about a metal building being nothing fancy…but I was soon to realize, there is much more to it than that. Did you know that many churches, […]

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