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10.4.13 – Green Building: Reclaimed Wood

For the month of October, I’d like to focus on some Green Building ideas. As I began to search through my list of topics, I ran across flooring ideas. These flooring ideas enveloped into decor, furniture and so on. Heavy research ensued, and I found this really cool product called “Viridian Reclaimed Wood.”


Viridian 5 What exactly is Viridian Reclaimed Wood, and how is it considered “green?”   Well, to put it simply…the company was founded in 2004 from a group of friends desiring to “rescue” if you will, the pallets and crates arriving in shipyards. This otherwise great wood would be shipped off to landfills never to be seen  again.

While traditionally this is not the “cream of the crop” wood that someone would want to decorate their homes and offices with; the Viridian Reclaimed Wood company has pioneered a method to re-produce these pieces of wood for lasting value for the customer.


Viridian 1


The wood is transformed into many different products for the home or office, such as: engineered flooring, solid flooring, beams, paneling, decking, veneer panels, etc.

Viridian 4





Consider “green” building ideas for your next project. Viridian Wood offers beautiful and quality products for homeowners and business owners.

Viridian 3

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